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There's No Place Like Home...
Lesley Brooke Nottingham, LMT
-Massage Therapy in the comfort of your home.
There's No Place Like Home...Massage ® , Morgantown, WV 26505

Have a work schedule that keeps you out later than local spas are open? Call and schedule a massage for whenever you get home!

Are you a new mother who'd rather not hire a babysitter for an hour at the spa? Call and schedule a session for when your baby is napping!

Spa settings can be wonderful, but they can be inconvenient. With There's No Place Like Home...Massage, not only does your massage take place in an atmosphere you're familiar with, but it can take place at a custom set time and day. Not to mention, there's no trying to drive back home after you've reached complete relaxation!

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There's No Place Like
was created to bring massage to you in the place you're most comfortable 
- your home.